Friday, 7 August 2009

It's HERE....

The ENDURrun starts tomorrow. Am I ready? Ready as I'll ever be. I'm going through ups and downs; I think I'm ready, then I read something online or look at the course map and start to think "What the $#@% have I gotten myself into?"

I realized last night as I was packing my stuff, that I don't really have a race plan. I mean, I'm doing the event for the experience, but I haven't really thought about paces for each of the stages. I figure for the half and full marathons, I'll try to keep pace for a 3:30 finish. The time trials, being shorter runs, I can push that a bit. The cross country runs it's just a matter of completion without injury. But I should probably figure out a pace that I can monitor and stick to.

I know this is serious stuff; I haven't had a complete night's sleep in a week (which is normal for me before a race).

I think I am ready. God help me.


  1. After the girl at Lake Placid had taken my registration - I looked at her and said - "What the $#@% have I gotten myself into?"
    Okay - I omitted the swearing but the jist of it was the same. I justify it to myself as an insane act of an insane person.
    Who are we kidding? You are going to have a blast! (except for that whole ski hill thing - you know - they invented lifts so you DIDN'T have to walk up them...
    Can't wait to read up on your daily goings on. Good luck!

  2. You'll be fine - just enjoy it. When else are you going to be so immersed in this idiocy you call a sport? Take it one day at a time. Think of it as a little running, a lot of eating, and some rest and recovery with others as crazy as you are. We're all here at home rooting for you, thinking of you and sending our love. You've risen to meet every challenge in your life and are the better for all of them (heck, you married me, didn't you?). This will be another feather in your cap. Soon you'll be looking like a peacock.
    Love you. Miss you. Thinking of you.